Giving Texans the resources to
Power our Future

Workers’ Comp Safety Group, a pipeline to lower premiums.

You give Texans the resources to power our future. The Texas Oil & Gas Association Workers’ Compensation Safety Group returns the favor by lowering your workers’ comp premium and offering potential dividends.

Workover Safety Program

Members can adopt a safety plan developed for the oil and gas industry. They can also get free safety training material in the safety resource center at

Earn Royalties

Texas Mutual Insurance Company believes in rewarding loyal policyholders whose low claim losses help control premiums. Group members are eligible for potential group and individual dividends.

Drill Down to the Basics

Workers’ comp insurance is the only coverage that provides medical and income benefits for injured workers and legal protection for employers.

Pump up the Savings

Texas Mutual Insurance Company gives each group member a premium discount based on the premium of the entire group, regardless of individual premium size.

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