Keep New Workers Safe

The pandemic is impacting the workforce by increasing lone worker activity and requiring workers to take on new or expanded responsibilities. Employers can prepare their workers to meet these challenges by reviewing and updating new worker policies and programs.

Employer policies for new workers typically include interviews, drug & alcohol testing, criminal background checks, driving record reviews and verification of employee history.

But the question remains: “How will new workers perform once they are on the job?”

Skills demonstration for new workers is a key part of the job orientation process.

In response, the Oil and Gas Safety Roundtable published a comprehensive Short Service Employee Program that employers can use as a template to meet their unique requirements. This SSE Program features a four-step process with definitions, forms and checklists to facilitate implementation:

Step 1. Assign responsibilities

Step 2. Notify relevant parties

Step 3. Train and mentor new employees

Step 4. Continuously evaluate program